We Are Here!!


After 11 years of hard work, many miles, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, deceitful people, Blood, Sweat and Fist!

I am here with a T.E.A.M. and will transform Music and the World!

Please, allow us to set the table and serve the first course. The first course will consist of The Original Ingredients for Hip Hop and thus begin the Renaissance of Hip Hop, to re-introduce what the Black Culture gave birth to. I know you will enjoy the history and substance we serve while revealing how the Art of Hip Hop has transcended. Today Hip Hop is a global society including every member of the Human Race regardless of color, religion, nationality or any other term used to separate us from one another.

Our mission is to Empower and Demonstrate LOVE; the mathematics for existence.

You are not prepared but will recognize you have needed these missing ingredients.

Thank you for visiting and Continued Blessings to you and our Family Circle.

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