LOOK: Women React To Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance

After weeks of speculation, a fake-out from Michelle Williams, and Beyonce playing coy at her NFL press conference last week, the question that’s been on all of our minds was answered: Destiny’s Child reunited during the 2013 Super Bowl halftime show, making all our late-90s dreams come true. And Beyonce proved that the Super Bowl truly was #BeyonceBowl.

Some highlights from the show included:
–The massive light-up silhouette of Bey that set off her performance of “Crazy In Love.”
–Hip rolls. (Enough said.)
–Technology used to create about 10 Beyonces. Because you can never have too many.
–Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland appearing like magic out of the stage.
–So much girl power. Thanks, Bey, for celebrating “Independent Women” and “Single Ladies” in hit songs that spread those ideas far and wide.
–Beyonce’s many “Halo”-related hair flips.

Although we feel that there wasn’t enough Destiny’s Child — where was “Bills, Bills, Bills”? “Bug a Boo”? — Beyonce’s halftime extravaganza set off quite a stir on Twitter. People couldn’t stop commenting on Bey’s moves, holograms and the on-stage lady love. (Even Michelle Obama commented on Beyonce’s awesomeness.) We’ve rounded up the best reactions from women:

LOOK: The Best Tweets About Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance

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